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Exploring intimacy requires absolute confidentiality. This condition is essential to open up with confidence. For this reason, these few testimonies are published strictly anonymously.

"Dear Alain and Kathleen,

A few lines to say thank you again for these three weekends. What a challenge !!

It was a beautiful discovery, beautiful encounters, weekends full of emotions that jostled, and shook my inner self (completely asleep!). Not easy to express my feelings and to discover to others, to take off my mesh, to get rid of my complexes, to let go but I felt that little by little and especially the last weekend I could make it. Thanks to your help and affection, I felt better and better and more confident. "

22/12/2016 Female

"Hello my friends

This stage (Tantra Tribal) was a real discovery of my whole being. So thank you with all my heart for bringing me there "

16/04/2016 Female

"You are a wonderful duo, very attentive to the group, with a lot of respect towards each other, and space for unpredictability in the program." It's also nice to see how you give " Space to your differences of approach or vision. And it's also fantastic how you integrate mother tongue differences. "

09/03/2016 Female

"The first part pleasantly surprised me with an unexpected tantric meal!

I found the attitude, compassion, and commitment of all those who work at the outstanding organization at all levels. Also, the content of the weekends (Tantra Tribal) is well balanced and well built. The game element gives air, space and on the other hand, I appreciate very much the serenity of rituals and moments of integration "

08/03/2016 Male

"Hat for the organization: we knew pretty much what was going to happen but we were confronted very pleasantly with unexpected things. I learned new things in my pleasure, new experiences but also in my way To behave: especially in my way of communicating my limits and guide when he gives me.So this aspect "what I do not ask, I do not get it" is new! And also have more confidence in my partner ( The shame in my sexuality does not bring me anything anymore.) And also I realized that it has its limits and how I can respect them.

09/03/2016 Female

"I now have another conception about ejaculation and orgasm that I thought was identical. I feel orgasm as something born inside, something that happens and does not necessarily have to be accompanied by an orgasm. I was also really surprised: I thought I had no need to be with the men for a while and to share with them, and yet, once on the road together, I could almost no longer be silent.Before, I shared only with the one with whom I wanted to share, from person to person, but not in group

The pleasure I felt in this Tantra weekend will remain in me for a long time. "

07/03/2016 Man

"I wish the next weekend (the couple's weekend, Ingrid & Alain) to be at least as remarkable as the one I have lived in. Thank you very much because your accompaniment was very successful!"

26/02/2016 Male

"I am happy that the accompaniment was a duet man/woman, not that I do not find you thin enough in your accompaniment Alain, quite the contrary, but I feel supported by the accompaniment of a woman. May well imagine that for some men it was the opposite.

I find that you (Kathleen / Alain) are particularly attentive to the participants and the dynamics of the group. And the translation by Barbara was neat and remarkable: she is a fantastic girl!

About benevolence: it's really dancing on a tightrope. I am very happy with the way you accompany the massages

To conclude: thank you, thank you, thank you for the weekend. I had already spoken about it last time, the previous weekend, and all that it does with me.

The anger of going beyond limits and that this is part of life. I continue to explore feel, express my limits. I am really glad that this part was explained in the weekend. And massages: learning how to feel from within, receiving without demanding, giving without directing ... "

09/02/2016 Female

"Hello Alain,

I went home Sunday ... very special ...

At the end of the weekend, I wanted to cry ... and I did not know why. I wanted to go home, to isolate myself and cry. In the silence of my car, I began to cry and I contacted this feeling of gratitude in my heart. It was gratitude and not grief. During this weekend, I felt this ecstasy twice ... the sexual energy nourished me, in myself, completely free of any other person ... it is so beautiful ... Tantra, also the sexual energy, I Did not feel it before ... when you spoke of it, it was unknown to me that way.

Until this weekend: an awakening ... and it did not fall from the sky ... the previous months, I felt that I woke up sexually, deep inside myself ...

Now I feel my sacred sexuality, a unity inside and outside, it is as if I finally arrive in me. I can not really express in words what I feel, it's an indescribable "Whawww" sensation! It is amazing what Tantra has taught me ... I am full of gratitude!

This weekend was again great. Once again thank you for the way it happened: remarkable "

09/02/2016 Female


"The trust was sublime, thanks to you

I hope that the newcomers also had that feeling and that everything was not going too fast for them. The new faces were welcomed with a smile! "

12/12/2015 Male


A large luminous opening.

I have to let down but I really think that for me/us there will be one before and one after

They are super Ingrid and Alain "

23/11/2015 Female

"I was able to write a whole page with everything I learned and I take 2/3 of them in my daily life to live them completely. It's amazing how 1 weekend is so moving in I already feel the transformation in my daily life, WAW! "

22/10/2015 Female

Kathleen has a great charisma, she is radiant, she is strong but also full of compassion .. Playful but she also knows in her own way to come to the " Alain also has a great charisma, certainly when he puts on his white clothes, then his powerful strength is completely revealed. He is also moving very dynamically in the group.Babara has a gentle and attentive radiance. We can be who we are, it connects on all points, I also appreciate the progression in the whole, and if the moments of sharing sometimes seem long, they are nevertheless part and they do not predominate the rituals. There was enough time for everything.

Everyone has to go his own way without judging and that's the feeling I got from you. Purity, and it's fantastic. I kiss you…"

22/10/2015 Female

"I took some beautiful and rich experiences this weekend: my image of women is definitely changed. Is that not a miracle?"

01/06/2015 Male

"It was a wonderful weekend!

I came with fears, knowing nobody, the group was great with lots of laughter, empathy, tenderness, truthfulness

The alternation of meditations, dances, games of body expression attracted me very much

In the group, I found my place

The strongest point I have appreciated is the authenticity

Continue, hi hi hi "

16/02/2015 Female

"Dear Alain,

I would also like to thank you for the beautiful meditation yesterday when I found a lot of strength and courage. It is the most beautiful meditation I have ever experienced. It was for me a gift from heaven. "

08/01/2015 Male

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