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Our intentions

The Tantra that we propose to you has precise intentions:

Celebrating life: if it is a feast, we can still suspend the garlands ourselves. It is a craft, a creation that, like all art, requires means, these are the very amusing tools of Tantra, and an apprenticeship, this is the workshops. All this activates our pleasure: when we integrate it into our heart, it becomes the joy. This joy spread in our body and mind is the door to the moment of Grace.

A holistic approach: as much as possible, we wish to explore all the forms of energy present in us: sexual energy, energy of the heart, transcendent energy, masculine and feminine energy, vital energy.

A therapeutic intention: Any proposed practice inevitably provokes an emotion: joy, sadness, fear, anger, surprise, disgust ... These emotions are often associated with experiences lived in the past and anchored in us, our feelings. They can be positive (love, compassion) or negative (feeling of rejection, abandonment, jealousy, humiliation). You are invited to observe, to recognize and to inspire these emotions. The group in which we live is a protected environment where you kan find an answer that is beneficial to you: by your free choice of action while remaining within the proposed framework, you have the possibility of transformation into a new attitude. A feeling in which you were blocked has the possibility of evolving towards liberation, which can then also manifest itself in everyday life.

Fostering connections: we do not "make" Tantra. You can do Yoga but you can not "do" Tantra. Practicing Tantra means perhaps that you want to meet people with this same openness and curiosity towards the theme of intimacy and that together we provide support, often very necessary in this approach. Our presence means being ready to give and to receive in a spirit of love, compassion, empathy and respect.

Intimacy is an alchemy. There is also no question of finding a recipe for acquiring any power or finding a way out, but on the contrary, allowing itself to let go and to trust: to open yourself to what is lived in the intimacy in a more mature, more conscious, more liberated way.

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