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The partices

The practices are softly and progressive. 

Examples of proposed practices:

We generate more inner silence through passive or active meditations. The latter call for movements, sometimes free, sometimes structured, in which you are sometimes called to be an observer of yourself, sometimes to plunge entirely into the spontaneous movement of your body. They bear sometimes mysterious names: Khali Meditation, Shamanic Meditation, Kundalini Meditation, Dynamic Meditation, AUM Meditation, Powershaking, Quantum Light Breath ... .

Dancing, experiencing breathing in various forms, relaxation exercises, letting your body vibrate (Shaking), role-playing (yes or no-play, experiencing the male and female inner poles, the art of tracking), entering the paternal-maternal-child poles, giving expression to the energy of emotions are part of the basic practices.

The touch (electrifying touch, receiving of giving touch,...) and massage (Maha Puja, Vajra Puja, Yoni Puja, massage of the explorer, Kashmiri massage, Tantric massage ...) help to progressively explore the body, including sexual areas. 

The practices of the distribution of these energies in the body are paramount here.

By more structured rituals involving family constellations, perceived obstacles in relationships can be brought to light.

Sharing in structured exchange groups allows being seen and heard, whatever the experience, emotion or thought felt. It is a first step towards the recognition of our existence and our uniqueness. This confidential sharing is a source of transformation, support, and inspiration.

We pay attention to three of the basic keys:

Breathing, movement, and sounds. We play with these keys, we give them space, we experiment.


Practices are very numerous. It is not only impossible to describe them, but also it is not desirable because then the mind intervenes, which is precisely the seat of the brakes to expansion and joy.

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