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For who?

Who are our activities aimed at?

You want to re-draw your intimacy, you are ready to share this interest with other people, just as eager as you, but also anxious to respect their limits.

You like to know your body even more, to live more conscientiously in it, to live more in relaxation, in pleasure, in joy.

You feel your potential as a man and a woman and you wish to vitalize it, feel this energy throbbing and guide your steps.

Perhaps you recognize yourself partly in these phrases:

- it is difficult to look at certain parts of my body in the mirror,

- I am afraid to show myself naked or conversely, I have a tendency to exhibition,

- I have little or no sensations in my vagina or my breasts, or even unpleasant sensations,

- I can not control my ejaculation, every sexual activity ends with an ejaculation,

- I am at the point of abandoning all desire for intimate relationships, I have almost no desire,

- I feel less than other men and sometimes more, I do not find harmony in these relationships,

- I live in rivalry with other women,

- the view of naked bodies disguises me,

- I was raped, I let myself penetrate without being ready,

- I give pleasure against my will or by being anesthetized,

- In our relationship, it is always me who takes the initiative, or, conversely, I am preferably in an attitude of expectation,

- my father, my brother robbed me of my manpower,

- my mother overwhelmed me with her sufferings and she used me to fill her own emotional or sexual deficiencies,


Perhaps you wish to add to it what is authentic to you.

Maybe this is the right time to get out of anesthesia: your wound is as important as the other. There is suffering and it deserves all your attention.


Feel you welcome, just as you are.

Open yourself to pleasure and the healing!



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