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Testimonials of the individual sessions

"Thank you, Alain, for the wonderful session of today ... I am so happy with everything that opens up in me ... so happy with everything you give me, with everything you teach me ... I do not just enjoy the massage, but also of the conversations we have and of laughing together ... It brings me closer to my nature, with whom I really feel: a wild, lively woman, who likes to laugh and enjoy ... who loves the silence just as much fun ... a woman who loves adventure, the unknown ... a woman who can see very deeply ...

You help me to wake up all this and become aware of it ... It is a great gift to meet such a special friend as you on my life path ...

I love it very much!!! "

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"Never before have I felt so honoured, respected, cherished and supported.

I experienced my Wife in the most subtle way that might be possible ...

The journey I was allowed to make during the massage was a trip to Paradise for me. The massage, the space, the music, the smells, the colours, each sensory experience was of a miraculous perfection ... Very nice to feel how the Tantric massage is given with so much grace. Thanks Alain, for this unique, wonderful experience, for which words are lacking. Only experiencing the self can make clear what I have felt ... Thank you Alain, for the wonderful gift I received ... I have already passed on your site to several people. I want to show people who work from purity, respect and love to the whole world ... Good luck with your beautiful centre!!! I will soon experience heaven again ... Love»


"Hello Alain,

I did not want to send you too quickly my "Thank you" because I wanted to let down in me the totality of the gift received and let him express himself and not my "ideas" about what I have lived that fits not in my head but in my cells.

I knew that when I came to your house, I made an important decision for me!

What a joy to be able to just be there in full confidence to have just to welcome what I receive in this complete letting go.

Thank you Alain, for what you made me discover me by the subtlety of your gestures, the infinite sweetness and also this wonderful adaptation to what you felt because I also loved these moments more vigorous.

You are a wonderful artist, you can paint with the finest brushes and sculpt without any awkward gesture.

That the wonderful is really an experience to live and let live inside of you and talk about it becomes much more difficult because we only have our poor words of the earth to talk about something that has not his roots here.

I thank you for agreeing to take me while from the start, I had to deal with the unexpected that annoyed me very strongly ....... and it was also a beautiful path and what is I loved this trip in a nature so beautiful and so different than the one I know about here. It was the crossing of the flat country of Jacques Brel revisited by a day of great sun with the beginnings of the colours of autumn, a pure delight!

I was greeting your horses before leaving and realized how wonderful it must be to cross nature in total collusion with them.

This will be a beginning of a new approach for me in a world to discover, I have just written the title and the first lines of a wonderful chapter of my life!

Again thank you Alain and thank you for sharing that is so important for me! "


"Yesterday at the beginning you reminded me that this session would be different from the others.

You could not better predict the sequence of moments that followed one another. It was even more intense and unforgettable than the previous times. The softness and the slowness of the coming and going of your hands which visit and soothe gradually each zone of the body without distinction.

The Kashmiri massage was an excellent progression. An uninitiated person watching us would certainly judge severely this mixture of intimacies. What is extraordinary is the simplicity, sincerity, respect and trust in which this closeness between our bodies, but also our beings is lived.

I measure the chance that I have to know you and to be able to live these moments..... Outside the time, out of conveniences.

One difficulty is still to receive so much without giving it back to learn how to receive.

An huge thank You. "



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